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Cotton Crustacean got accepted as a vendor at 2014 FOG FEST! This incredible annual event in Pacifica, California is happening Saturday and Sunday, September 27th – 28th. Visit their site HERE.

Cotton Crustacean_2014 Fog Fest_booth test

We did a test set up of our pretty new booth in the backyard, in preparation (above). A big order of stock is currently being printed up so we can pack those cubbies full. Even more exciting, we’re printing exclusive kids sizes and colors of four of our designs – dunkleosteus, anomalocaris, helicoprion, and argonaut octopus – just in time for the event. And… we’re making tote-bags featuring the trilobite design, so people can walk the large street fair and carry their bounty in style. Best part of it all, the whole thing happens only a block away from our house, so we get to share our tees to thousands of people practically in our back yard.

Came out, say hi, grab some some tees!