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Created just in time for Pacifica's Fogfest 2023, this new colorway of our already very popular Humpback Whale zip-up hoodie has easily become our most popular product in the store. 


On a super high quality, DISTRICT DT1103, medium weight, super soft zip-up hoodie in a beautiful "Heather Poseidon Blue" with a black zipper. 


Featuring a lovely illustration by store founder and co-owner—Aaron John Gregory—of a mother Humpback Whale and her calf, with Pacifica written below, and the scientific name of the whale on the right sleeve - Megaptera novaeangliae.

Why a Humpback Whale? From the late Spring to the early Fall, any number of the nearly 800 California Humpback whales will be passing by during their migration run, and can be seen frolicking just off of Pacifica's beaches. The Pacifica Municipal Pier, one block from Cotton Crustacean's store, is one of the best places to whale watch in the state without having to get out on a boat. Every year, the community of Pacifica celebrates the return of these incredible, majestic, marine mammals. 

Pacifica / Humpback Whale Zip-up Hoodie

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