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Cotton Crustacean loves working with natural history museums, aquariums, zoos, visitor centers, and any other institution that helps exhibit the wonders of the natural world.  

From stocking gift shops with our already available tees or providing totally unique, custom illustrated shirt designs catered to a specific scientific institution, Cotton Crustacean can provide the perfect t-shirt for any science and biology themed boutique. 

Some our clients include: Aquarium of the Bay (San Francisco), Conservatory of Flowers (San Francisco), Seymour Marine Discovery Center (Santa Cruz), Paxton Gate (San Francisco), Idaho Museum of Natural History (Boise), Aqua Lab (San Jose).


If you're a gift shop buyer/manager interested in carrying some of our designs, or in having us create some custom illustrated shirts and other merchandise for your boutique, please reach out to us at

Cotton Crustacean's Trilobite tee on display at Paxton Gate, a beautiful natural history and science boutique in San Francisco, CA. 

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