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BLOOMSBURY SIGMA: Full cover wraparound color book cover illustration and 24 total interior illustrations for Eye of the Shoal by Dr. Helen Scales. 
Custom t-shirt designs for gift shop merchandise, July 2018.

SANTA CRUZ FERMENTATION FESTIVAL: Full color event poster illustration and design, June 2018.

HARPERCOLLINS: Provided an octopus illustration for the book cover of Washington Black, April 2018.

WKB INDUSTRIES: Illustrated and designed the title card for W. Kamau Bell's production company, to be seen at the end of his Netflix Special, March 2018.

OCEAN SHORE ELEMENTARY: Illustrated and designed custom t-shirts for their Ocean 411 yearly ecology study program, February 2018.

SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTE: Provided various scientific illustrations for the Smithsonian book exhibit, Narwhal: Revealing An Arctic Legend, October 2017.

THE SCIENCE CHANNEL: Supplied an anomalocaris illustration for their show What On Earth, July 2017.

IDW COMICS: Comic-book retailer incentive cover art for Godzilla: Rage Across Time issue 2, September 2016.

DISASTROID: Album cover for 7" single release "Love is What You Bring On Home", Jan 2016.

KALW radio: Cover design for W.Kamau Bell's "Kamau RIGHT NOW" feature podcast, December 2015.
DIVE MAGAZINE: Illustration UK based print magazine, accompanying the article "The Tooth is Out There", published January 2016.

W. KAMAU BELL: Poster design for client's live on stage radio broadcast show, "Kamau RIGHT NOW", October 2015.

SEYMOUR MARINE DISCOVERY CENTER: Custom merchandise illustration and design for Santa Cruz based public aquarium, June 2015.

WELDON OWEN PUBLISHING: Vector constellation drawings for The Total Skywatchers Manual astronomy book, 2015.

AQUA LAB AQUARIA: Website banner and digital promotion imagery.

BLOOMSBURY PUBLISHING:  Interior and wrap around book cover illustrations for the natural history book on molluscs, Spirals in Time, 2014.

CONSERVATORY OF FLOWERS:  Gift shop merchandise and poster illustrations and product design, 2014.

CUESA: Ferry Building Farmers Market collectable poster, 2014.

MORNING STAR PARTNERS: Mosasaur illustration for signage corelating to fossils on display in private museum collection, Dallas, TX, 2014.

RUBBER DIAMOND GALLERY: Art director, branding, design, 2014.

HELMS ALEE: Sleepwalking Sailors - album cover art acrylic painting, 2014.

SPARK: A Creative Anthology - book cover illustration for volume one, 2013.

PETE SHARWARKO: The Frayed Edge - book cover illustration, 2012.

GIANT SQUID: Cenotes - album cover illustrations/layout/design 2011, Minoans - album cover illustrations/layout/design 2014. 

CALIFORNIA ACADEMY OF SCIENCES:  Dive department t-shirt design/illustration, 2011.

AMBER VON NAGEL: Alexandria - book cover illustration, 2011.

GFAN MAGAZINE: Back cover illustration, 2010.


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