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Giant Squid's latest and greatest. Eight songs, 43 min long. Engineered, mixed, mastered, by Tim Green (Melvins, Red Sparowes, The Fucking Champs). 

Available either as a CD with wallet style digipak, or vinyl LP in orange.

Minoans CD

  • Their fifth studio album, MINOANS sees the avant-garde band at their most refined, focused, and vital, as they fully embrace their Mediterranean leanings and lyrically excavate one of the earliest civilizations; examining how the aquatic demise of these ancient proto-Greek people may foretell our own. MINOANS is Giant Squid's finest hour and secures their legacy as one of the most seminal heavy bands in modern music.

    Engineered, mixed, produced by Tim Green (Melvins, Red Sparrows, Earthless, Karp, Fucking Champs)

    Reviews so far:

    "If most 'culture is washed away as we slumber' as Gregory suggests in "Sixty Foot Waves," and all future visitors to this planet find are vinyl copies of Minoans riding the red waves, then I will sleep peacefully with the fishes after aquageddon." - DECIBEL

    "a haunting, otherworldly, fascinating thing...Giant Squid make beautiful, strange, cinematic music that not only has no real peers, but belongs to no extant genre." - STEREOGUM

    "A colossal record of an empire and the death that brings it to collapse... 8.5/10" - DEADRHETORIC
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