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Our ultra popular Megalograptus tee returns in three color, beautifully screenprinted that glows in the dark! Our tees are 100% combed cotton and follow Unisex/Mens sizing.



    This frightening arthropod is the oldest of the bunch, living around 450 million years ago during the Ordovician, along with trilobites, which would have most likely been his favorite meal. At four feet long, he could have held his own against most of the other primitive predators sharing those scary seas, but may still have been on the menu for even larger species of sea scorpions, and especially massive shelled cephalopods like Cameroceras.

    He also starred in an episode of the three part BBC series, Sea Monsters, which was part of the wonderful Walking with Dinosaurs series.

    -Aaron John Gregory, Cotton Crustacean

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