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All We Destroy is Grayceon's third full-length album on Profound Lore Records. 


Featuring Jackie Perez Gratz on cello/vocals, Zack Farwell on drums, and Max Doyle on guitar.

GRAYCEON - All We Destroy (cd)

  • Third full-length album "All We Destroy" released March 2011 by Profound Lore Records.

    ...what the press is saying...

    “It’s heartbreaking and brutal and completely original.”
    -CWG Magazine

    “Grayceon make a wholly new music, one that grafts medieval cadences and the pastoral textures of early British prog onto a bedrock of supremely headbangable, ornate riffing. And there are no seams. Grayceon make metal, yes (and amazingly heavy metal at that), but they draw equally on …And Justice for All as they do Guillaume de Machaut.”
    - Metal Sucks

    “The scope of 'All We Destroy' is simply staggering… always challenging but never obvious.”

    “Grayceon’s sound does not fit into boxes. It spans prog, doom, chamber rock, neo-folk, and other inadequate terms. Perez Gratz’ cello and Doyle’s finger-picking offer fascinating textural combinations. Sometimes she drones and he jangles; sometimes they join forces for a spiky, spiccato-and-palm-muted attack. Doyle does everything a pick player does. He chugs, carves out pinch harmonics, and picks clean tones with clarity. Fingers can be more expressive than picks (see, e.g., Albert Collins, Mark Knopfler), but metal-wise Doyle may be in a league of one.”
    -Invisible Oranges

    “Like a handful of other great power trios of our day, Grayceon has managed to rip up what's conventional, even by progressive music's standards, and they comfortably jet along a path solely on their own. Tag them however you'd like, the bottom line is that Grayceon creates some of the most compelling and rewardingly innovative music of our day, and All We Destroy nails the bullseye once again.”
    -Metal Review
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