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Aaron John Gregory talks at MBARI and GOOGLE about Illustrating Eye of the Shoal.

In June 2018, I was honored to join Dr. Helen Scales and talk at the legendary Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute in Moss Landing, CA as well as at Google at their Mountain View, CA campus. We talked about her latest book, Spirals In Time, which I was happy to have filled with illustrations inside and out. Helen explained the motives behind writing this epic ode to fish and charmed us with her anecdotes while also describing a bit of her writing process. And then I got up there and pointed at my drawings and said stuff like "This shark is SO cool! I loved drawing it."

MBARI live tweeted the event that took place at their incredible headquarters right on the shore of the Monterey Bay, and Google live streamed their presentation to all its employees at every company it owns, reaching thousands upon thousands of people. While MBARI was fairly packed, Google was a bit slim in physical attendance but we still had a blast talking fish with a small group of enthusiasts. And now that video which streamed to all those thousands of people can be seen below! What a packed house!

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