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FOGFEST 2019 was EPIC!

Updated: Feb 6, 2020

Fogfest 2019 in Pacifica was amazing! Palmetto Ave was packed with super cheerful people from all over the Peninsula.

We revealed some new things this year like the “Extinction Rack”, a whole new banner and logo, a double tent booth, glow-in-the-dark Frilled Shark and Anomalocaris shirts which are also available in KID SIZES, and even new business cards! And the official Fogfest shirts we created were sold out by 1:00 PM on Sunday. We celebrated Sat night with Aaron's band, SQUALUS, performed at the Fogfest after party at Winters Tavern!

Epic weekend is epic. Thanks to Vivas Banners for getting our new sign done so quickly, Graphic Sportswear for knocking it out of the park on the Fogfest merchandise, and Lords of Print for getting a bunch of beautiful new designs done for us in time for the show!

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