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Introducing the "Spirals in Time" Tees!

We absolutely crushed at Makers Faire 2015!! And look, we also revealed two new shirt designs; the Giant Parapuzosia Ammonite, and the whimsical Sea Butterflies!

Welcome to our new "Red Label" line. These will all be four color shirts printed on 50/50 poly blend American Apparel shirts, with a more graphic ink-brush style of illustration. Shirts are in our shop right now, but the first batches were limited till we repress, so grab now if you're want one quick!

Cotton Crustacean's new Giant Ammonite t-shirt

Cotton Crustacean's new Sea Butterflies t-shirt!

These first two designs, the giant Parapuzosia Ammonite and the swirling Sea-butterflies, are illustrations that Aaron did for the new book Spirals in Time: The Secret Life and Curious Afterlife of Seashells, by Dr. Helen Scales, available from Bloomsbury Publishing (US release in June).

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