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Our products: Style & Quality

Our original designs are illustrated by owner/artist, Aaron John Gregory, with pen, ink, and brush on super thick bristol paper. The images are then expertly replicated by master screen printer, Brian Stern, at Bad Skulls Screen Printing in Oakland, CA on ultra soft premium fit fashion tees (these aren't Fruit of the Loom or Hanes!)



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Since the shutting down and reopening of the American Apparel brand, we have started to explore other product lines that are either USA made, or at the very least, made in Central or South American factories; ethically produced in every step of their manufacture, from the treatment of their employees, to the company's shipping and packaging procedures.

Our art prints are identical 600 dpi reproductions of the original illustrations, from the exact dimensions,  to the red signature scribe, and even the visible white-out used in the drawings. They are true artist-edition reproductions printed on thick, high-gloss card stock.


It is extremely important to us that our products are ethically made so that we are helping the communities they are made in, instead of causing harm, while also helping reduce environmental impact by their manufacturing. For us so far, this has meant using only American-made brands like American Apparel and Royal Apparel, and WRAP certified (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production) brands like Next Level Apparel.

Sizing and Printed Images

Cotton Crustacean's shirts are rarely printed in batches greater than 100 units. This enables us to work closely with our screen printer and refine the designs each time we do a run. Because of this iteration, there may be slight variations to the size of the printed image and the colors of ink used when comparing to the photographs you see in our online shop. If any major changes are made we try to update the product image as soon as possible.

Our Unisex shirts use the standard Unisex/Mens sizing charts from American Apparel. These shirts are a slightly more form fitted style tee, but we usually recommend purchasing the Unisex/Mens size tshirt you usually wear. Please see the American Apparel Sizing Chart we have provided to find your exact size.

Our Women style shirts follow the size chart for American Apparel Womens shirts. These shirts are extremely form fitted and generally run 2-3 sizes smaller than the Unisex/Mens sizes and 1-2 sizes smaller than a department store size. For example, if you are a women who wears a Unisex/Mens Small tshirt, but are a Medium in the women's section of a department store, you will most likely wear a Large or Extra Large Women's tshirt. Please see the American Apparel Sizing Chart we have provided to find your exact size.

Our Toddler and Youth shirts follow the size charts for Royal Apparel. These shirts tend to run a little small and skip sizes, so we recommend to round up to the higher size number and/or buy the next size up for your child. This will ensure it will fit or they will fit into it soon! Please see the Royal Apparel Sizing Charts we have provided to find measurements for each Toddler/Youth size.

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