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Woolly Mammoth beautifully screenprinted with three colors ink on brown Royal Apparel t-shirt.

These Royal Apparel T-shirts are made in the USA and are 100% combed cotton- only the softest fabric and best quality for your little tike!

Woolly Mammoth


    Few prehistoric animals are as iconic as the wooly mammoth. A relative of modern elephants, and about the size of an African elephant, mammoths were covered in fur to keep their body’s warm, and had much smaller ears and tail than today’s elephants to help prevent frostbite while they roamed the frigid European and Asian tundras of the ice age.

    Even though it mostly vanished 10,000 years ago, it would have coexisted with early humans who hunted it for its meat, fur, and enormous ivory tusks.

    -Aaron John Gregory, Cotton Crustacean
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