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Mosasur beautifully screenprinted with four color inks on light blue Bella Canvas brand, 100% cotton, 4.5oz ring spun, super soft t-shirt.



    The Mosasaur is one of a handful of absolutely seminal prehistoric sea beasts that need to be in the Cotton Crustacean line up. So when customer and long time supporter, Ryan Liske, commissioned me to draw up a new design, he wanted me to suggest some different species for him to choose from, as long as it was something with lots of teeth. The rest was a no-brainer.

    Topping out at 33 ft. in length, Mr. Mosasaur was not only one of the biggest, all time meanest marine reptiles for his day - around 98 to 66 Million years ago - he was probably one of the fastest. Recent discoveries have shown that in addition to having had smooth, scaly skin like a snake, instead of a wrinkly hide like a crocodile (though I still drew him with fun wrinkles,) he also had a shark-like tail! Imagine the caudal fin of a gray reef shark turned upside down and you'll get an idea how this large, speed inducing appendage would appear. Or, you could just look at my drawing.

    Giant marine reptile with snake-like skin and a shark's tail fin… for the win!

    -Aaron John Gregory, Cotton Crustacean

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