Megalodon beautifully screenprinted with three colors ink on navy blue Royal Apparel t-shirt.

These Royal Apparel T-shirts are made in the USA and are 100% combed cotton- only the softest fabric and best quality for your little tike!

Megalodon on navy


    Few prehistoric sea creatures inspire the fear and fascination that a Megalodon does. Often described as an enormous, 40-59ft long great white shark, many paleontologist believe this simply unimaginable beast was more shaped like a stocky mako or sand shark.

    Regardless, it was the ultimate apex predator, that lived as recently as just 3 million years ago. It preferred shallow warm seas, eating pretty much anything from ancient whales, seals, large turtles, and even other sharks. Luckily for us, it is extinct!

    -Aaron John Gregory, Cotton Crustacean