Edestus beautifully screenprinted with dark blue ink on light blue American Apparel t-shirt.

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    With what amounts to a giant pair of shears for jaws, the twenty plus foot long Edestus, also called the scissor tooth shark, for obvious reasons, may take the trophy for weirdest, most horrifying shark to have ever lived; beating out even her bizarre cousin, the Helicoprion (also one of our first four designs from 2012!). Modern great white sharks, who the Edestus would practically dwarf, would flee in terror of this leviathan.

    Sadly, the only fossils we have of the Edestus are its insane jaws, for as like all sharks, rays, skates, and ratfish, this beast's skeleton was made entirely of cartilage, which rarely fossilizes. This leaves the shape of the body, number of gills, and even fin configuration completely up to interpretation by scientific illustrators, like myself. But, by looking at tooth size, shape, and placement in the jaws, researchers have long since confirmed that they sat vertically, with each row of teeth centered in the top and bottom of the shark's massive mouth.

    How and what they ate, is still up for debate, but latest research proposes that they would ram those exposed jaws in to the side of large prey, then shake their head up and down with a head-banging motion, slicing off chunks of meat, and grinding it as needed with back, flat molar like dentures.

    -Aaron John Gregory, Cotton Crustacean