In the spirit of comic convention type swag, we bring you our first mash-up design...


...DEVONIAN DEVIL "The Fish Without Fear"! This is a mash up of the classic Daredevil font and tag line with everyone's favorite monstorous armored fish, the Dunkleosteus!


Five color print on American Apparel red shirts, available in ADULT and KID sizes. If this tee does well, it will be the first of many types of mash-ups, combining our love of superhero comics, pop culture, and extreme paleo wildlife.


The Devonian period, (416 to 359 million years ago) is commonly known as the “age of fishes” and the planet was ruled by placoderms; ancient fish with heads covered in bony impenetrable armor. The biggest, meanest, most unstoppable of these fish was Dunkleosteus; a four ton carnivorous 30ft long juggernaut with jaws made up of two extremely sharp bony plates that cut through flesh and bone like a guillotine.

A nautical nightmare, the “Dunk” was a true Devonian Devil.

DEVONIAN DEVIL - The Fish Without Fear!