A new take on our beautiful BOTHRIOLEPIS design! This time around he has been screen-printed with four vibrant colors on USA made ROYAL APPAREL brand, beige tees.


Color Variation: Multi-color on Beige shirt

    The Bothriolepis belonged to an order of very ancient extinct fish known as the placoderms, which were very prolific in all the world's rivers, lakes, and seas during the Devonian era - also known as the "Age of Fish" - long before the dinosaurs plodded along on dry land. Placoderms large and small all shared the same unmistakable trait; their great armored heads.

    Some placoderms grew to the size of buses, like the Dunkleosteus (one of our original four shirt designs from 2012,) and had massive jaws that could tear apart just about anything. But all 70 different species of Bothriolepis were much smaller, ranging from a foot long to nearly 40" in length, and bopped about the bottoms of both fresh and marine environments, mostly scavenging on decaying organic material.

    Despite his nasty eating habits, Bothriolepis has quickly become one of my personal favorite prehistoric pals, especially after the greatest little capsule toy model of one at a Tokyo train station while recently visiting Japan, where prehistoric oddities are greatly loved. He even made an adorable cameo in the Studio Ghibli animated masterpiece, Ponyo, directed by Hayao Miyazaki.

    -Aaron John Gregory, Cotton Crustacean

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