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Finally, after having been retired a bit from our line-up, one of our very first animals ever featured, the mighty Dunkleosteus, gets a fresh new design! To make it even more special, he appears on our first ever available hoodie!

The front chest print shows a one color Dunkleosteus skull illustration with the name of the beast underneath.

The back shows a massive armored Dunkleosteus accompanied by a small school of Devonian era sharks known as Cladoselaches. This print utilizes four colors to bring our latest Dunk design to life; a colorway inspired by one of Aaron John Gregory's favorite Amazonian fish, the Red-tail Catfish.

These very hip, zip-up, hoodies are made with a high-end, poly-blend material that is ultra light-weight and very slim fitting. They have good length in the torso and especially the arms. Perfect for layering-up in the Bay Area's ever changing daily climate or as a shell on a mild Spring or Fall day. Note: If you like your hoodies to fit very loose, go a size or two up.

Masterfully hand screen-printed on a manual press in South San Francisco by Graphic Sportswear.

Check out the original drawings below!

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Dec 14, 2021

This brand is my new fav. Keep up the stellar awesome work, Aaron!

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