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We’ve had some big plans and important announcements in the nearly ten years of Cotton Crustacean’s life, but none of it can match this.

Introducing the location of Cotton Crustacean’s first brick and mortar store. We are insanely excited about this next chapter in our company’s life and to be able to be part of the vibrant and quickly growing business community down here on Palmetto Ave, aka Main Street of Downtown Pacifica located in beautiful Sharp Park!

Soft opening Sep 24-26, the Friday-Sunday that would have been Fogfest this year.

Then big grand opening on Black Friday, November 26th!!

Located right on the corner at 100 Santa Rosa Ave. we are one block from the Pacifica Municipal pier and surrounded by cafes, antique shops, art galleries, an amazing book store, restaurants, dispensaries, a tropical plant store, a pie shop, boutiques, bars, a killer bait shop, and of course, the ocean.

We have big dreams for this space. A beautiful retail store is only the beginning. We sincerely hope to have a very positive impact on the community, while creating a destination location for visitors from all over the Peninsula and greater Bay Area.

Biology. Ecology. Paleontology. Tees with preposterous amounts of Teeth. Let’s go!!

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