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DEC 3rd - 9th A WEEK OF SALES!

Get ready! We're rolling out a new sale every day this week!

Why didn't we do this during the "black friday" craziness? Well, we feel like everyone already gets

so bombarded from every angle that weekend that we didn't want to add to the consumer chaos. We'll just do our own week!

Dec 3rd - So first up is MEGALODON MONDAY! All kids bright blue Megalodon tees are only $20.

Order HERE.

Dec 4th - Then we have TRILOBITE / 2T TUES where our latest version of our very first design, the iconic Trilobite, will be only $20! This comes on a super soft poly blend, dark heather gray tee.

In addition, order any Size 2t kids tee and get your choice of a free black black 2T Trilobite, a purple 2T Anomalocaris, or red 2T Dunkleosteus shirt (while supplies last - we don't have many of each).

Order HERE. See the 2T designs HERE.

Dec 5th - Welcome to WOMEN'S WEDNESDAY!! We have two gorgeous multicolored women's tees and both will be one sale for only $20 this Wednesday. Tees are 100% cotton American Apparel women's cut tees. One features our iconic Argonaut Octopus design in four colors, and the other features the ancient Toxoceras ammonite also in four colors.

Order HERE.

Dec 6th - It's... BOTHURSDAYLEPIS!! That's right, on thursday we'll be offering our gorgeous four color Bothriolepis tees for only $20. These are on super soft beige Royal Brand tees.

Also, we'll be blowing out our remaining black Bothriolepis shirts for only $10!! Most every size is available. This little armored fish is so ugly it's adorable and can be yours for the price of a burrito. These are printed on black Next Level brand tees.

Or.. you just order any other shirt from our shop and we'll throw one of these black tees in for free in the same size (while supplies last)!


Order HERE.

Dec 7th - FRILLED FRIDAY! Our ultra popular, GLOW IN THE DARK, Frilled Shark tee comes in a beautiful four color design on black American Apparel tees. And is yours for only $25!!

We can barely keep these in stock so don't miss out! Order HERE.

Dec 8th - SNAKEY SATURDAY highlights a San Mateo County endangered species near and dear to our hearts.The San Francisco Garter Snake is another super popular new design of ours, and can be yours on Saturday in all it's indigenous glory for only $25 for adult tees and $20 for the kids tee version!

Order HERE.

Dec 9th - And finally we have SYNAPSID SUNDAY! And there is no Synapsid more iconic than the Dimetrodon! So we'll be offering both our classic youth Dimetrodon tees and new adult version at only $20 each! Get your sails out on this Sunday sale!!

Order HERE and HERE

AAAAAAND... we'll be holding over each day's sale throughout the week. Sale ends the eve of Sunday Dec 9, 2018. So, get 'em while they're hot and wishing you and yours Happy Holidays!!!!

Xoxxo, Cotton Crustacean

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