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Cotton Crustacean returns to KICKSTARTER!

Big news for this little ol' prehistoric t-shirt design company! On January 20th we launched our second Kickstarter Campaign, with four new crazy prehistoric beasts, forever fossilized on American made cotton tees from American Apparel!

Check it out!

We're trying to raise funds to print 1400 shirts total, including these new designs, in order to be fully prepared for WonderCon in Los Angeles, March 25th-27th. WonderCon is a huge comic-convention being held at the Los Angeles convention center, with an estimated attendance of 60,000 people. That's 20 times bigger than the biggest show Cotton Crustacean has ever done.


So please visit our kickstarter page and contribute if you can. Our goal is high, but I know we can do it again. We wouldn't be here if it wasn't for Kickstarter launching us in 2012. Thanks so much for your support!

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