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NEW Swellshark design!!

This wonderful new illustration by artist, Aaron John Gregory, was originally created for Seymour Long Marine Lab in Santa Cruz, CA. Their icon animal is the Swellshark, which they have many of on display in various aquariums, and even in their awesome touch-pool, where excited patrons can feel their sandpaper skin.

This is a two color screenprint on Camel colored shirt and the color combo looks great on both guys and gals! Check them out- they are NEW in our store!

When feeling threatened, the Swellshark ducks into a rocky crevice or cave, and actually swells up its already portly body, inhaling water to fill his belly like a balloon, effectively wedging himself in to the cracks and preventing predators from pulling him out. Sometimes the Swellshark even bites his own tail, forming a ring with his body, making it harder for predators to grab on to him. Thus, this amazing photo of our model, Vicky, imitating one.

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