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Frequently Asked Questions

What size shirt should I order?

American Apparel shirts are a little bit more form fitted, by design, than your average t-shirt. That being said, they are still very accurate in sizing based off of standard men's t-shirt sizes. Unless you prefer your clothing to be particularly loose fitting, we always recommend that customers order the size shirt that they usually wear.  See Adult Size Chart and Youth Size Chart for measurement specifics. 


Will my shirt shrink?

All of our t-shirts are 100% cotton and are not pre-shrunk, so you can expect a little bit of shrinking. Before first wash your shirt may seem slightly bigger than the size you ordered. Once washed, it will shrink to be the correct size.


When will my order be shipped?

Orders are shipped within 1-3 days after order is placed. 


I want a Dunkleosteus but on the color shirt that the Helicoprion is on. Can I get that?

We choose the t-shirt and ink color combination for each individual animal design very thoughtfully so that our line of products is varied and good looking as a set. Each design is only offered in the color combination that is shown in our Shop. 


Can I get v-neck or long sleeved t-shirts with one of your designs?

We are open to individual custom orders but are bound by the limitations of what American Apparel offers in terms of styles and colors available. We also keep individual custom orders scheduled in parallel with our regular printing schedule, so there could be a delay from anywhere between 1-6 months depending on the design. Please contact us through our Contact page and let us know what you want! We'll try to accommodate you in any way we can. For wholesale orders or bulk orders of more than 25 shirts (of one design), we can usually get a custom order turned around in a couple of weeks but, again, not all American Apparel t-shirt styles are available in all colors. Contact us through our Contact page and we will get you more details! 


I want to be in your Out In The Wild Gallery! How do I do that?

Awesome!! Take a picture or have someone take a picture of yourself wearing one of our t-shirts and contact us through the Contact page on this site. We will give you an email address to send the picture and will also need your name and location of where the photo was taken. We LOVE getting new pics for our gallery! 


The animal on my shirt is not exactly the same size as depicted in the photo. What's up with that?

Because all our shirts are hand pulled and we order small runs, it is not possible for each batch to exactly match the last. Although we work closely with our printer to ensure as much consistency as we can, we continually refine the designs as we go. Also, depending on the size of the shirt you ordered, the screen may be a different size than what is depicted on the models.

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